Reiki for Stillness

Stillness happens.  Have you ever noticed the quality of a room when people gather together to pray?  Or when they meditate together?  Stillness is the quality of the silence when you can literally hear a pin drop.  Stillness occurs when you move inward and everything that is outside of you recedes to a greater distance.  It is similar to how the experience of time slows down when you are in a car accident.  The accident is occurring in real, fast-moving time, however, your experience of that time is far slower.

Once, I sat in a meditation class in Geneva to monitor a piece of equipment totally unrelated to the class.  The facilitator took the class through a few steps to bring them into meditation.  Initially, there was the sound of people rustling as they made themselves comfortable.  Soon that stopped.  Next, there was quiet throughout the room.  As each of the participants settled into the meditation, stillness, like an unseen participant, settled amongst the group.  I could feel the difference in the room and decided that I would do Reiki on myself so that I too could connect to the stillness or group consciousness that had arisen.  It was one of the most peaceful, serene experiences that I have (inadvertently) shared.

There are so many distractions that take our attention in a million directions; some directions are necessary, however, most are not.  I use Reiki as a path to get you to a similar point of stillness that I experienced in Geneva.  That is my goal.  What is yours?