Laying on of hands

In attempting to describe Reiki to people who have never heard of it, my go-to comparison is the laying on of hands.  Through the ages, the laying on of hands has been used across cultures with the intent to provide relief, comfort and even healing.  The concept is nothing new.  The process of placing hands on areas of pain or injury is an instinctual act: a mother places her hands on the site of her child’s pain; a person with a toothache holds their hand against their jaw, a woman with menstrual cramps rests her hands on her abdomen.  Reiki, which can either be hands-on or hands-off, takes the concept of laying on of hands a step further by adding the flow of universal energy along with the original intentions of providing relief, comfort or healing.  The Reiki practitioner, after having received the Reiki attunements, has the ability to channel universal energy through their hands to produce a deep state of relaxation that can be conducive to the healing process.