The Fabric of Community

The word community describes a group of people who live in a defined geographic area and/or share common interests/characteristics.  In speaking of communities, the phrase tight-knit is frequently used to describe a strong degree of cohesion felt amongst the members of the community.  In this sense, community is seen as something very similar to fabric.  Each member of the community can be seen as a thread that contributes to the structure of the overall fabric.  In addition to the individual members being a thread that contributes to the structure, each thread, or individual, has separate fibers that come together to create the thread.  Those fibers could be the mix of personality, talent and emotional makeup that each person carries with them.

The structural integrity of fabric is defined by how well the threads are woven or knit together.  Despite how well fabric is woven or knit, one of the weakest points of fabric is its edge.   If you’ve ever pulled a thread, only to find the fabric unraveling, you are very aware of the precarious nature of threads that lie along the edge of fabric.  As in fabric, so too in life do we find that the individuals whose station in life is along the edge of society often live precarious lives that weaken the fabric of the community.

At Bayou Stillness, my goal is that each healing event provides the opportunity for each person present to come together in the spirit of communal healing for each person who shows up.  Especially the people who come in from the edge.  I am not a dogmatic religious person and consider myself to be more spiritual than religious.  However, one of my strongest held beliefs is that we are an instrument of the divine will and it is through our actions that prayers are frequently answered.  If you’ve ever prayed for a resolution to a medical condition, it is usually (but not always, there are those amazing things called miracles) the doctor whose actions guide the healing towards resolution of your prayers.  If you’ve ever prayed for a job, it is the interviewer who decides that you are a good fit and hires you that moves you towards your prayers being answered.  I have a ton of examples in my own life but those are just the ones I chose as generic examples.  Feel free to share your stories as you feel comfortable.

Having said that, I do have one disclaimer; if there is someone whose presence is an active disturbance to the group, then I will ask them to leave.  There is a such thing as a toxic person and I do not wish to alienate those who come in good faith/will.  As an example, I had a person I rode with in a commuter van whose presence would not be welcome as she proved to be toxic in most vans she rode in.

With those words, I welcome you to upcoming events at Bayou Stillness!