BayouHello, my name is Jeanenne, your Reiki practitioner. I received Reiki Level I and Reiki Level II attunements. As a matter of fact, I received the attunements TWICE, once in 2007 and again in 2010.

My introduction to Reiki occurred after having met a military contractor who was stationed in the Middle East. On one of his vacation trips home, we hung out and he asked if there were any metaphysical shops nearby. Not knowing exactly what a metaphysical shop was, I looked online and found that I was almost exactly midway between TWO shops, each one mile away from where I lived. We visited the one that just so happened to have had a psychic fair that weekend.

Several practitioners were giving abbreviated sessions for various offerings that day. My friend inquired as to whether or not I would like to have a “rakey” session. I had never heard the phrase before so I asked “what’s that?” He replied that it was a technique that felt like “all over tingles.” At the time, I worked as an executive assistant and dealt in concrete matters. The all over tingles that he described was something I found to be too “out there” from where I was in my life at that moment. I declined. However, I did choose to have an aura photo done with an accompanying description. When I read the description, I found myself amazed at how accurate the words on the page reflected my inner truth. Curiosity spurred return visits to the shop.

One day during lunch, I went to have an actual Reiki session done in the midst of elevated stress. The practitioner made me agree to return for a longer session, which I did. During the extended session, I became so relaxed that I went to a place that I had never seen before. In addition, the practitioner mentioned areas that she sensed were giving me problems. The way that she brought up the topic was in a generic way that made sense to me. However, months later I went to the doctor and found that I had a specific medical issue that required surgery – related to the generic conversation that we previously had.

A return session with the same practitioner involved a conversation that I considered to be inaccurate. She mentioned specific, medical processes that had no relation to me. Or so I thought.

I went to a specialist regarding an ancillary concern. During the initial visit, the practitioner’s words came back to me, but this time, through the doctor’s mouth. The medical processes that I thought had no relation to me were confirmed through testing and knowledge specific to that field. At that point, I became a believer and all that was too far “out there” found a comfortable home nestled with long-standing beliefs. So much so that I decided to enroll in classes that were offered years later.

As time passed, Reiki has helped me to become somewhat calmer. It has helped me move from reacting to responding to things in my life. It has helped me appreciate the moments of stillness that are possible. It is those moments of stillness that I would like to help you achieve.

This is the circuitous story regarding Reiki in my life.  What will be YOUR Reiki story?